Shangqin Guo, PhD - Principal Investigator


Xiao Hu, PhD - Postdoctoral Researcher


Amaleah Hartman - Graduate Student

Amaleah Hartman (Leah) was an undergraduate at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. Go Bearcats! She received her B.S. in Cell Biology and her B.S in Biochemistry in 2013. Later that year, she started her PhD at Yale, eventually joining the Guo Lab in May 2014.  Leah seeks to understand the role of the microenvironment in Yamanaka reprogramming of differentiated cell types to induced pluripotent stem cells, specifically focusing on the mechanotransducer Yes-associated protein (YAP). 


Xinyue Chen - Graduate Student

Xinyue was an undergraduate at Fudan University, Shanghai, China. She received her B.S. in BioSciences in 2013, and joined Yale BBS program MCGD track later that year. Xinyue joined Guo Lab in May 2014. Currently, she is working on mechanisms during leukemia malignant transformation, and differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells.


Anna Baccei - Graduate Student

Anna studied biology at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA. She stayed for a 6-month post-baccalaureate research project before relocating to Boston, where she was a research assistant for three years in a human pluripotent stem cell lab at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Anna entered the Yale BBS program in 2014 and found her home in the Guo Lab, where she studies the link between cell cycle speed and cell fate plasticity.


Cindy Yang - Undergraduate


Aria Perlman Morales - Undergraduate